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Delos Tour from Mykonos
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Delos Tour from Mykonos

A morning 5 hours organized tour in Delos with English speaking licensed guide and transfers to / from your hotel

Delos Tour from Mykonos

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A morning 5 hours organized tour in Delos with English speaking licensed guide and transfers to / from your hotel.

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    Tour to Delos

    Little islands out at sea, on the horizon keeps showing a whiteness, a flash and a furl, a hail of something coming, ships a-sail from over the rim of the sea . The Cyclades received their name in antiquity because they form a rough circle (kiklos) round the sacred island of Delos. A thirty minutes trip by boat brings you to the small neighbor island of Delos - one of the biggest and most important archeological sites of Europe. In the mythology Delos used to be the birthplace of the ancient gods Apollon and Artemis and their temples have always been the center of the Holy Island. Like on Mykonos first settlements on Delos have been found from around 3,000 BC by the Karers from Asia. The small island has been for centuries and more than one times the religious and political center of the whole Aegean Sea. Due to a changeful history Delos suffered many occupations and totally distractions, which played a part to the fact that more and more people left the island which is uninhabited since nearly 2,000 years. The extraordinary guided tour in English through the 4-5,000 years old temple ruins and a visit to the museum of Delos will bring you closer to the understanding of the high-developed culture and daily life of ancient Greece. Despite its minute size, it played an important role in antiquity for both commercial and religious reasons. The sanctuary to Apollo attracted pilgrims and riches. Together with the shrine at Delphi, it was the most important in the Greek world. Nowadays Delos is a desolate wind-swept sea-girt place. A pilgrimage for tourists where the ruins are still imbued with a sense of mystic fervour and nostalgia. The modern quay leads directly to the entrance to the archaeological site. We shall walk into the heart of the sanctuary where you can see the Temples of Apollo, monuments famous for their history and architectural style, the dried lake with the palm tree, and the unique marble lions of Delos. After a rest stop we shall visit the museum and continue towards the terrace of the foreign gods and the theatre area. The view of the archipelago from up there is unforgettable. We shall visit the famous Hellenistic mansions of Delos with their superb mosaics decorating the floors and walls. Return to the harbour area of the island of Delos and by the local boat return to Mykonos harbour.

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